Talking with the teacher about your child is available at any time of the year

Leamington School —

Teachers are available to talk with families regarding progress and concerns at all times of the year.

We wanted to remind families that you do not need to wait for formal Parent / Teacher Interview times to meet with your child's teacher about their progress and any other things you may wish to talk about.  

The formal times we make for parents - Student Led conferences, Parent Teacher Meetings and Kanohi ki te Kanohi (face to face) meetings, through the year, do not allow sufficient to time to dive deep into any one issue in the same way that a seperate meeting time can.  Teachers prefer to meet with parents as situations  develop - rather than wait for a possible big issue to erupt!

Teachers are always willing to meet with families; even at this busy time of the year where we have to work around many other commitments. 

To make a time please contact your child's teacher directly.