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Class Organisation for 2019 coming along nicely!

Leamington School —

Class placements for 2019 are coming along well following parents indicating preferences.

We are spending many, many hours/days working through the information families gave us about placements for 2019.  As previously mentioned, this takes a long time as teachers work with each other to talk about every child's learning, emotional and social needs, as well as the strengths of each teacher before suggesting a place in a class.  

The feedback from our community about preferences for 2019 has fallen into 3 distinct groups - Single Teacher Preference (23%), Co-teacher Preference (19%) and Comfortable for the Classroom Teacher to use their Judgement (58%). 

Teachers will continue to put classes together over the next 3-4 weeks before finalising placements and uploading class placement information to Linc-Ed.