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What Time to Arrive at School?

School Office —

Students welcome to be on the school grounds from 8:15 am. Prior to 8:15 am students should be in our before school care service. Before school care starts at 7 am.

We have noticed that children are again arriving earlier and earlier to school.

Unless children are being dropped off to before school care, we respectfully ask that children are not on the school grounds before 8:15 am.

This allows our team to prepare for the day without having to keep a watchful eye on children in the playground.

We have also noticed that some children are not leaving at the end of the day! Many children stay and play with their parents. Again we respectfully ask that if children are playing after school, without a parent, they first go home and get changed before returning to play so they are no longer under our supervision.

Please speak to the school office if you would like to find out more about our before and after school care programme. Thank you.