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Linc Ed roll-out - thank you!

Leamington School —

The roll-out of Linc-Ed last week appeared to be well received by our parents.

The feedback we received from families last week relating to the roll-out of Linc-Ed was that it was well received due to being easily understood by most.  We had a few glitches on the very first day for the first hour with a few families unable to log in or get a registration email - but after pressing lots of buttons we figured out a work around which meant we had almost no issues on Thursday!  

If there are any families who are still unable to log in - please make contact and we can resolve this for you.  Additionally, if families would like more accounts added i.e. if both parents want an account, (and you have not already told us), or you want grandparents to have access etc, please let us know.

The portal stays open from now, allowing families to access the information at any time.  Teachers will continue to add to Linc-Ed but this information will not be visible until we make it live at certain times of the year.  

We are also on track to release class placements for 2019 later in the year through the portal.  

If, at any time, families have difficulty accessing the portal, the first thing to do is to use the "retrieve password link" on the sign-in page.  Alternatively, make contact with your child's classroom teacher.