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Teacher Strike
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Teacher strike for Tuesday 13 November confirmed - School Closed

Leamington School —

The BOT has decided to close the school on Tuesday 13 November as teachers across NZ participate in a week-long rolling strike.

Following unacceptable movement from the Government to acknowledge the issues within the teaching profession, the members of the teachers union have voted to have rolling strikes across the country over the week of 12 November to 16 November. For the Waikato, our strike day is Tuesday 13 November.

Due to this, the BOT has no option but to close the school on Tuesday 13 November due to no teachers being available to supervise children.

This level of industrial action has not occurred since the late 1990's. The issues are not predominately around pay, but recognition of the conditions within the teaching profession that are causing teachers to feel undervalued and expected to do more with no extra resources. More and more teachers either leave the profession, do not train to be teachers or leave NZ. (In Australia for instance, teachers earn approximately 20% more per annum, and due to specialist PE, science and arts teachers, in the primary school sector, have more release time to plan and mark children's work, rather than be expected to do it during evenings and weekends).

Teachers do not receive pay during these strike days which hurts considerably. Many people have budgets and mortgages that cannot easily afford the fall out that comes with strike action but are willing to make the personal sacrifice to fight for an education system that our children deserve and for a profession that attracts and holds great teachers.