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Dan Fraser taking a year's leave in 2019

Leamington School —

Dan Fraser is taking a year's leave in 2019 to teach in Alice Springs (Australia) for a year to spend time closer to his family while his daugher is young.

The Board of Trustees has granted Dan Fraser a year's leave to live in Australia with his wife and baby daughter.  Dan plans on teaching in Alice Springs, where his family lives, returning to Leamington in 2020.  We are obviously saddened to be losing Dan for the year, but as a school who supports growing people and releasing them to make a difference in the world, it is part of what happens.  

Fortunately for us, there is no part of Dan's plan where he does not return, so like many others in recent times, (i.e. Leesa Mangino, Kate Kernaghan, Helen James, Alana Thompson, Carma Maisey, Phillippa Ramsay, Gemma Stevenson etc), who have taken some time to  do other things, we look forward to seeing Mr Dan return in 2020.

From an appointment perspective, we had been in conversations with Dan about this for a little while and had made appointment decisions to ensure our teaching roster was secure in the eventuality of this outcome. 

In light of the recent teacher industrial strikes, our community may be interested in knowing that Dan tells us that his starting salary is going to see him receive an immediate $20,000 ASD pay-rise as well as receive approximately 1 day a week release time to do the work he has to do in evenings and weekends due to the specialist Arts and PE teachers that schools can employ due to the way they are resourced.