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Thank you
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Thank you for all your support over the year

Mike —

We want to take a moment to thank all those who have contributed to our school and children over the year - with you everything is possible.

As the year quickly draws to a close I would like to take a moment on behalf of the Leamington Team to thank and acknowledge all those who have contributed to our school community over the year.  It is amazing how a year seems like a long time, but when we look back we wonder where the time has gone!  

The number of families who contribute so generously to the school, not only to their own children, but for other children too, is incredibly humbling.  Many of the contributions are visible, but untold other contributions go unseen.  Sports coaches and managers; sideline supporters; parents who help to put readers away; parents who take responsibility for the lucky book orders or the pick of the day lunches; those who transport children to, not only school events, but help transport the children of friends to sporting events; those who donate trailers when we need a hand, or cut concrete or fix electrical cables or put lights up at the disco, sell disco items, cook sausages, lay a hangi, give us advice on Tikanga, even those who visit in the weekend to play and pick up a rugby ball that has not been put away or put some rubbish in the bin - all of these should never be understated as collectively they make a huge difference.  

I don't like to single out any one group more than others but I would like to also specifically mention both the PTA and members of the BOT.  The PTA is a small group, (who would like to be bigger), of wonderful people who contribute a huge amount to our school and put in many unseen hours to make a difference for all children.  The hours and hours of work, and our community support for the PTA means they leave an impact across generations.  Some of the fruit of their work this year will be seen early next year as we replace our drinking fountains and see the completion of our water park. 

Lastly, I would like to recognise the BOT.  The sign of a successful BOT is when their work goes largely unseen and unnoticed due to the seamless functioning and cohesion between the community values and aspirations and the work of the school.  This group of people make a huge contribution to our school and often work their way through making decisions that impact all children across our school.  Leamington has always had strong BOT's that inject confidence into the Leamington Team to fly.  This BOT lives up to that legacy.  With BOT elections coming up in 2019 the time will come to start thinking about succession but at this time it's important to recognise the selfless and often challenging work of this group of volunteers.

Have a great summer everyone, take time to recharge with those people you value the most and in those places - be they rivers or beaches, that reinvigorate you.  

On behalf of Team Leamington, we thank you and look forward to what 2019 brings.  Seasons greetings to you all. 

Kei te kotahi, te kakaho ka whati, kei te kapuia e kore e whati (individually we can do little, together we can achieve anything!).