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Can you help support Leo in his quest for the Cancer Society?

Leamington School - Creating Futures Together —

Leo Piper is a cyclist and a very kind and giving soul. He wants to combine his kindness with his passion for cycling to help raise funds for the Cancer Society.

He understands every New Zealander is affected by Cancer in some way, whether it be family, friends, colleagues or schoolmates.

We understand in this Covid era, donations might be difficult for some people but we also understand many New Zealanders have had a very challenging time with Cancer in behind all the publicity of Covid 19 and want to give a wee booster to all those who are suffering, so strongly urge people to gift any amount, no matter how small.

Leo is endeavouring to ride his bike on his windtrainer for the entire school day on Friday 8th July 2022, he knows how painful this will be for his wee 10 year old legs but it will be nothing compared to how people endure Cancer. Our hearts go out to all New Zealanders who are affected by this disease and wish everyone with a cancer diagnosis a speedy recovery.

If you would like to help Leo reach his goal please go here: