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School and Class Facebook Pages

Leamington School —

Every class has a closed Facebook page which can be joined by asking to join via our school webpage.

We try our very best to keep our community included in the many things that are happening around our busy school! Our school facebook page is a useful portal for things that involve the whole school - including sporting events. Each class also has a facebook page to provide windows for parents into the many things that happen during a day that go unseen and children never tell you about! Teachers do commit themselves to try to update these as often as they can.

Note - the best way to make contact with us is normally not through Facebook messenger as we do not monitor this as closely as we monitor email or our phones! To find your child’s class facebook page visit our school website. Also, we ask that parents do not tag or name any children on any of our pages. Any tags have to be deleted to protect the safety of our children.