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Sport Registration Week

Jacqui McCann —

Summer code registrations will be open on Enrolmy during Week 6.

Registrations for all summer codes at Leamington School will be open on Enrolmy for the duration of Week 6 (27th - 31st August).

Codes available at Leamington School this year;

⚾Year 1 - 6 Softball

🏉Year 3 - 6 Touch

🏀Year 5/6 Miniball

🤽🏻‍♀️Year 5/6 Flippa Ball

🥅 Year 5/6 Lacrosse 

Please note by completing a registration for any of the above codes you are committing to your child/ren being placed in a team for Term 4 2018 & Term 1 2019. Year 6 students will be placed in a team for Term 4 2018 only.

Follow this link for more information and to register your child/ren for their chosen summer sports code.