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Yummy Sticker
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Yummy Sticker Collection

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We are once again collecting the Yummy Stickers from fruit for free sports equipment. Your help would be much appreciated!

We are once again collecting Yummy Apple and Nectarine Stickers this year.  We are starting early so we can get as many stickers as possible and, in return, get free sports equipment for our students.  A sticker sheet will come home with your child.  It does not need to be completely filled, however, every sticker counts so even partly-filled sheets are still worth handing in.   These sheets are due back in Term 3, so lots of time to get munching!  Our aim is to beat last years total of 1,800 stickers.  The office will have spare collection sheets for when you fill one up and want to start on the next.  We hope that all our students will get behind this great initiative to eat healthily and benefit from the extra sports equipment at school.  Thank you.