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Photo by Leamington School - Creating Futures Together

What is happening with the Hall?

Leamington School - Creating Futures Together —

The hall is very close to being finished. We expect it to be ready in the next few weeks.

Our school hall has been out of action since Term 4.  What we expected to be a job completed by early Term 1 has been significantly impacted by Contractors and COVID.  This has had a domino effect with jobs rescheduled and things not able to happen.

But, we are now very close.  The kitchen in the hall is almost complete, the wall linings are up, the toilets are in, the flooring is down, and the painting is finished.

We are now just in the final stages of the electricians coming to reattach power points, install ovens etc. Then there will be a lot of cleaning before putting things back in their new spaces. 

We expect to be back in the hall in the next few weeks and look forward to using this fantastic school feature again.