Hero photograph
Photo by Leamington School

Mike stepping down from role leading Cambridge Schools to focus on Leamington.

Mike —

At the end of Term 3, Mike is standing down from leading the Cambridge Community of Learning and returning full time to Leamington.

Since 2016 l have been leading the Cambridge Community of Learning.  This has seen me working for 2 days a week (and many more weekends that I would care to admit) with 13 schools across Cambridge to help create a cohesion of pathways from ECE, into Primary Schools, into Middle School and on to Cambridge High.  Despite being asked to continue in the role by other Principals in our community I have decided that it is time to return full time to Leamington and let our community benefit from all that I have learnt over the last two years.  We will continue to be involved the in Cambridge Community of Learning - Te Puna o Kemureti  - which allows our teachers and school leaders to share what is working for students in our schools with other schools in Cambridge to create smooth pathways for Leamington Students into Middle School and High School.