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Road Safety
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Road safety is everyone's responsiblity

Leamington School —

With the start of the school year comes lots of congestion around the school.

  • Road safety is everyone’s responsibility
  • Congestion can be alleviated by families in a variety of ways
  • Summer is an ideal time for children to be walking, biking or scootering to school
  • No cars are to stop in the turning bay unless turning!
  • Please use the crossings and model safe crossing practice to children

Congestion - The start of the school year brings an influx of vehicles around the school as families find places to park. Parking is strained for every school across New Zealand, and most schools look at the number of boundaries around our school with envy. However, schools do not have parking issues, we all have transport to and from school issues! In the summer months, there are a wide range of ways for children to come to and from school. Scooters, bikes and even being dropped off just up the road and walking just a short way makes a huge difference to the pressure at the school gate.

Turning bay - the turning bay at the front of the school is for turning only, and not for stopping or picking up children. When cars stop in this space, they make it dangerous for children and other cars.

Crossing the road - children do what they see adults do, so when adults cross the road without using the crossing, they do the same thing when unaccompanied. We cannot stress enough that road safety is everyone’s responsibility and we need to model crossing at the correct places even though it may take 30 seconds longer.