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Teacher Strike
Photo by Leamington School

Thank you for your support!

Mike —

Thank you for your support during the Teacher Strike

On behalf of the Teaching Team we would like to thank the community and BOT for their support during the teacher strike.  

You would be proud of the Blue Crew! They were a very happy team in the rain, wind and cold and kept Mexican waving, cheering, laughing etc the whole time. Lots of toots from almost every car that went past and even some parents joining us and even some muffins were brought down and Pizza!

The decision to strike was not made easily and reflected how committed each teacher at Leamington is to having not only the best education system for our children, but a sustainable one.  

The reality of a looming teacher shortage is closer than we think.  Each year I present at the Univeristy of Waikato to the students who are about to enter the teaching profession.  The reality of the upcoming teacher shortage was plain to see.  I would estimate the number of people in attendence would be between 1/4 and 1/2 of what it was 3 years ago.  

The fight is not over yet and while there has been talk of next steps, no decisions have been made by the members of NZEI.  Lets hope that the negotiations go well and a resolution is found soon so that we can all focus on putting our energy on teaching children rather than finding a teacher for the children!