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Road Safety
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Road Safety Around our School

Mike —

Please be extra vigilant with road safety around the school as winter comes to an end and less children come to school by car

With winter coming to an end we have an increase in the number of children walking/biking/scootering to school.  

However, with the size of our school, we will always have a large number of cars outside our school between 3pm and 3:15pm; as children make their way home.  

Leamington is the envy of most other schools in regards to available parking for parents.  We are extremely fortunate to have three boundaries, and grass verges, to park on; as well as multiple exits to avoid congestion - too many exit points for teachers to be able to monitor all but the designated crossing points.  

Many people still have an expectation to be able to park directly in front of the school, shop, place of work, beach or park that we are trying to get to, even in the busiest of times! ;-)  It's a small country thing we should work hard to retain, but it does bring its challenges!

In regards to the movements of children after school, decisions parents have made about where they are to be picked up determines their movements.  For example, if parents wait in cars across the road, then we are asking children to cross the road by themselves.   If we ask children to use the crossings to be collected at a different location up the road, then we change their movements.  

We do not see ourselves as wanting to instruct parents about where children will be picked up; just to remind parents to make choices, and give consideration to, children's safety around roads during the extremely busy times before and after school. 

We are all responsible for the safety of all children around our school during these times.  Thank you for your co-operation.