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ERO Review Feedback

Mike —

We have received our Education Review Feedback which is extremely positive.

We have been notified that our final ERO report is going to be published on the Education Review Website in the next few weeks.  

Some of the  positive quotes from the ERO report that we can feel proud of include:

  • “students learn in calm, settled, innovative environments that cater for multiple learning styles” 
  • “the school provides an equitable and inclusive environment and students develop a strong sense of belonging.” 
  • "high levels of achievement in reading, writing and mathematics by the end of Year 6 including for Maori students"
  • “relational trust and effective collaboration ”
  • “teachers build positive, respectful relationships with students and their families." 
  • "parents and whānau are welcomed into the school” 
  • “teachers provide multiple formal and informal opportunities to hear the aspirations of parents and whānau for their children and their learning” 
  • “the school provides a culturally responsive programme that promotes the bicultural heritage of Aotearoa” 
  • “teachers work with kaumātua and iwi to provide authentic learning opportunities for students”

If you read a few ERO reports you will quickly realise comments like these do not appear in many reports.

However, ERO reports are not what they used to be in that the ERO team only looks at a school through the lens of "equity and excellence" in reading, writing and maths.  Excellence refers to academic achievement levels, and equity refers to students of all ethnicities achieving the same equal levels of excellence.  Anything less than excellence and equity for all students across all year levels disqualifies a school from receiving a "glowing" report as that is the criteria that are used.  The recommendations a school receives if equity and excellence are not achieved are generally the same.  

There are two comments that strike deep and we did not agree on.

1.  "The school is not effectively accelerating learning for those Maori and other students who need this."

2. "Senior leaders are unable to show collated, analysed and reported acceleration information for students at-risk in their learning."

We disagreed with the ERO team on these two statements as the way we do these things (demonstrating the way we do things are having a positive impact for students) does not fit the model the Education Review Office currently expects (currently as it changes regularly.)  

The ERO team return in three years and do not recommend the school needs any help to realise its aspirations for students. 

To view a full copy of the ERO report visit ERO.govt.nz.