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Leamington School Sport 2019

Jacqui —

We are committed to creating quality, life long sporting experiences for our children.

Here at Leamington School, we are committed to creating quality, life long sporting experiences for our children.

Quality sporting experiences at Leamington School focus simultaneously on developing physical skills, motivation, confidence, knowledge, and understanding to be successfully involved in sport throughout life. Our community values working together with key people who influence our children's participation and success in sport; family members, parents/caregivers, coaches, managers, teachers etc. 

The vehicle being used to support our people in 2019 will be "Good Sports", a programme endorsed by Sport Waikato. As a "Good Sports School", we will be providing those involved with our children, in and around sport, the tools to be successful at Leamington School and beyond. By attending a Good Sports workshop, you will gain an understanding of how you can further support our students to have quality sporting experiences.

In 2019 we will be asking that every coach, manager and teacher attend a Good Sports workshop. We encourage any parent/caregiver, whose children will be participating in sport, to attend a Good Sports workshop which is tailored for better partnering together as we support each child in their chosen sport. 

Workshops are free to attend and will run at multiple times throughout the year. A workshop for all staff, and volunteers, will be held on Tuesday 5th February, (3:15pm for school staff & 7:00pm for volunteers), followed by workshops for parents at 7:00pm on Tuesday 12th, Thursday 14th and Tuesday 19th February. 

To register for one of the above workshops please use this link to Leamington's Enrolmy minisite. We look forward to working with you creating quality sporting experiences for your child/ren in 2019.