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Attendence and Lateness - the Impact

Mike —

As school starts, and new routines are formed, it is timely to be aware of the impact that absence and lateness has for children.

With the start of a new year, and the formation of new routines, it is timely to be aware of the impact of student absence and lateness.  

Success at school is influenced by many things, and one of the largest is regular attendance and being on time for school.  Like fitness routines and healthy eating, it is the cumulative effect of days, weeks and months of being on time, and coming to school, that adds up to a significant impact.  

When we talk about concerns regarding being absent, we are definitely not talking about children coming to school when they are sick and should be at home. Sending children to school when they are sick can easily make others sick - including our teachers! We are also not talking about the odd family holiday where children are given life-long opportunities through experiences. Absenteeism and lateness are about the habits and routines that form life habits of commitment and punctuality. 

If a child is absent from school for one day a week, over their time at primary school, this equals one and a quarter years of schooling they have missed out on!  One day every two weeks equates to almost one year of missed schooling by the time they leave primary school. It is not surprising these children then find their peers having more success, (which they often put down to how brainy their friends are), when, in fact, it is how many opportunities for learning they have missed out on!

Lateness is just as bad.  If a child is 15 minutes late each day, over a week this equates to 1 hour 15 minutes, which, over their primary school time equates to almost half a year of missed opportunities in comparison to their peers.