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Facemasks in Term 2

Leamington School - Creating Futures Together —

The change to Orange sees a change to facemask expectations


Due to the health benefits, masks for children in Yr 4 and above are our preference but are now a personal choice.

We know that masks bring a layer of health protection, so our preference is that children and staff continue to wear masks indoors, but, we respect the choices that each individual will make as we live in a "Covid with us but not stopping us" world.

However, we will monitor this and reserve the right to return to requiring both adults and children to wear masks when indoors at times as we navigate spikes in illness.

We expect that as the winter sicknesses start to move around families will ask children to wear masks as an extra layer of protection from bugs.


Parents are not required to wear facemasks around the school but are asked to put one on when entering a school building like a classroom or the office.