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Homestay Families Needed for Chinese Students For A Week

Mike —

We have a group of Chinese Students from Dongfanghong School in Wuhan, China, visiting our school in the last week of Term 1 who we need to find homestay families for.

To indicate your availability to homestay a child please click here to indicate your availability.  

In the last week of Term 1, we have a group of 18 children from Dongfanghong School in China visiting Leamington for a week.  Dongfanghong is one of the schools I visited in China last year with whom we have formed a link.  The group is also coming with their Principal and Deputy Principal. 

We are looking for families who are willing to have a student (or two) stay at their home for a week.  The students have a good grasp of English and are looking to experience living with a New Zealand family.  The children range in age from 10-11 and are a mix of boys and girls. 

The students will need to be hosted from the end of school on Friday 29th March to the morning of Saturday 6th April.  The students will have activities organised for them on Saturday and Sunday, (see itinerary), so will need to be dropped off in the morning.  During the day they will attend school. 

Ideally, the children would have their own room to stay in during their visit.  If a family is able to take two students, (two children in a room), this would be ideal.  

The visit will inject an additional $6000 into our school in fees to put towards supporting children with learning needs and the specialist classroom release opportunities we have put in place for the year.  There is an allowance of $250 per child for homestay families.  We are hoping that many of the homestay families will offer to forgo the homestay allowance to support the students of our school.  This would inject an additional $4500 into learning programmes for our children.

We do need to get things moving quickly to get the police vetting completed for adults who will be staying in the house during the visit (those families who made themselves available in 2018 will not need to go through this process again).  

To indicate your availability to homestay a child please click here to indicate your availability.