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Save on Power Bills with Comtricity Whilst Helping the School

Mike —

Comtricity is a local profit sharing power company that is providing lower power prices to homes and also donating a portion of every power bill to the school.

Leamington School has teamed up with Comtricity, a new local electricity retailer that is uniquely different. 

Comtricity works to help charities and schools to raise funds and lower home electricity costs.  They then make monthly donations for every customer who has nominated Leamington School. 

Typical savings for each household could easily range between $20 - $40 per month with approximately $6 donated to our school each month per family. 

If just 100 families in our community tried Comtricity, our school could generate an extra $7000 per year!  (That's a lot of sausages!)  To date, we have generated an extra $500 through families joining. 

From personal experience, I can say that signing up takes 30 seconds on their website.  The worst-case scenario is that your current power supplier will likely ring you up to match their price meaning you still save money!

Visit www.comtricity.nz to have a look.