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Head Lice 
Photo by Leamington School

Head Lice Alert!

Leamington School —

Head lice are beginning to be noticed again. We all need to be proactive and ensure treatments are provided as soon as possible before they spread any further.

These dreaded critters are on the loose in a few areas of the school. Please: 

• Check your child’s hair today to see if they have any head lice (eggs or live lice) in their hair

• Always tie up long hair for school 

• Use conditioner after shampooing your child’s hair to help with the combing

• Use head lice treatments remembering these take time to have an effect and should be used repeatedly NOT JUST ONCE

• Check your child’s hair weekly as part of their hygiene routine to help prevent head lice spreading. 

Please read the information sheet attached. 

Check the hair of every member of the household. If you find live head lice or eggs on anyone, treat them as well. It is a good idea to wash hair ties and hair brushes also. Your child may return to school as soon as the first treatment has been made but please ensure treatments continue until they are no longer present. The Public Health Nurse is available to help with any advice if you need it. Her details are Helen Smith – email: helen.smith@waikato.health.nz Ph: 021 341 954

 Thank you for your cooperation.