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Welcome back
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Welcome back to Term 2 - four things you will notice

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Term 2 sees us try to return to doing many of the things that used to be part of everyday life before COVID. From the start of Term 2, whaanau will notice at least 4 things

Welcome back to Term 2 and the Orange Traffic light setting.  

Our team have taken a much-needed rest over the term break.  There have been very few emails flying around with most of the Blue Crew making a complete stop to catch a breath after an exhausting term with such unpredictability. As people start to resurface stories are being told of the many adventures had to recharge batteries ready for a return to normality with COVID among us but not stopping us (hopefully!)

If the modellers are correct, we are expecting to see COVID affecting 3-5 of our team at any one time, with a likely spike later in the term.  However, we are hoping these spikes are a slight pause rather than a stop to normal operations.

There are several big shifts that whaanau will notice this term. The top 4 are below.

  1. Due to the health benefits, masks for children are our preference but are now a personal choice.  We know that masks bring a layer of health protection, so our preference is that children and staff continue to wear masks indoors, but, we respect the choices that each individual will make as we live in a "Covid with us but not stopping us" world. However, we will monitor this and reserve the right to return to requiring both adults and children to wear masks when indoors at times as we navigate spikes in illness.

    We expect that as the winter sicknesses start to move around families will ask children to wear masks as an extra layer of protection from bugs.

  2. Whaanau are again welcome in and around the school grounds without masks on.  In the Red setting, adults were asked to drop children at the gates.  With the changes to the COVID setting, whaanau are again welcome to be in and around the school without the need for masks or having to scan in.  However, we do ask that masks be put on if you want to go into the classroom to see the learning that children have been engaged in, or when visiting the school office.

    This does not mean that parents need to feel the need to come in each day as many will choose to continue to drop and go/collect children from the gates.  The big message is the invitation is there!

  3. We are going to keep our staggered end of day times of 2:50 pm and 3 pm as this has had a significant benefit to ease the congestion of traffic around the school. Please note that Gate 4 (the one on Scott Street with the Kea Crossing) remains a kiss and go/collect from the gate area except for those whaanau who are walking to/from school and use this crossing.

  4. School events and activities like kapa haka, choir, orchestra, and cross country will start again.  As we resume much-loved activities in a world with COVID among us but not stopping us, a wero (challenge of opportunity) is to sift through what we once did that is either better the way things once were, better the way we do them now, or better to just not do at all!  This will be the same across all areas of society, but our commitment will be to always consider the pros and cons with a mindset of what works best for our children. 

We are very much looking forward to welcoming children and parents back on Monday.  It will be good to see you again - literally!