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Leesa Mangino
Photo by Leamington School

Deputy Principal Appointment

Leamington BOT —

Following a rigorous appointment process the Leamington School BOT has appointed Leesa Mangino to the Deputy Principal position.

Over the weekend the Board of Trustees spent a day conducting final interviews for our Deputy Principal position.  The appointment process was the most stringent we have ever gone through, as it included 3 separate shortlisting stages, applicants meeting with teachers, children, a few parents from the school PTA, as well as visits to see applicants in action and speaking to referees who had provided written information.  

We are proud to announce that Leesa Mangino was the successful applicant for the position.  Leesa has been a member of the Leamington Team for seven years and has led, and been a key player in, many of the key strategic initiatives across the school over this time, without any "titles." These include the development of our Leamington Learner concept, Student-Led Conferences, our language of learning, the use of progressions in the classroom and our first 1:1 Device classroom.  Last year Leesa took a year long study leave to complete her masters; which she passed with honours.  This year Leesa has moved into the Acting Associate Principal role.  

Leesa takes up her position from the start of Term 4.  This obviously has ripple effects for the class in which Leesa teaches and we will work through these to provide maximum consistency for students to maintain both their learning progress and relationships. 

We hope that you will join with us in congratulating Leesa on winning the Deputy Principal position.