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Learning in Action open day
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Open day and Information Evening this Wednesday and Thursday

Mike —

This week we start the process of thinking about how we are going to put our classes together for 2019. A key piece of this will be our open day on Wednesday 17 October and Information Workshop Evening on Thursday 18 October to allow parents to make key choices for 2019.

As indicated earlier in the year, in 2019 we are going to give parents options for the type of classes they can choose for their child in 2019.  Parents will be able to indicate preferences for either single cell or co-teaching spaces; and also if they would like their child to be in a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) 1:1 class from Year 3 - 6.  We know this is going to make the already complex task of putting classes together exponentially more difficult for us, but we want to attempt to cater to the different preferences of our community.

On Wednesday 17 October we are holding an open day for parents to come in and see what really happens during a typical day at school.  Many people have the perception that our co-teaching classes are large, loud spaces where children can easily fall through the cracks and that they do not cater for the emotional connection each child needs for learning to happen.  This is an opportunity to see first hand what really happens and possibly either dispel, or reinforce, the  perceptions each person may have.  

On Thursday 18 October we are holding an Information Workshop Evening to allow our parents to better understand the rationale behind some of the things you would notice around our school.  This will also help to better inform parents of the choices on offer for 2019 and the benefits of each option for individual children.  

Between Friday 19 October and Friday 26 October, we will open up for parents the opportunity to indicate preferences for 2019; which will allow us to actively start designing our classroom makeup for the new year.  

We encourage families to make the most of these opportunities to allow you to make an independent and informed choice for each child for 2019.