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ERO review feedback

Mike —

Education Review Office analysis in Term 2 was extremely complimentary of the direction the school was heading and the quality of learning and innovation happening in every class across the school.

The Education Review Office visited Leamington School in Week 9 of term 2.  They were extremely impressed with the quality of learning happening in every class across the school and the innovation and quality of our classroom environments - describing them as amongst the best they have seen in NZ.  

While the visit was extremely complimentary, it did provoke some discussion internally that we would like to engage in with our community in the very near future regarding what our community defines as children experiencing success at school.  

ERO defines success exclusively as academic attainment.  

As a school, we have valued social, emotional, arts, cognitive, cultural and sporting experiences as having value also.  Look in our next newsletter for how you can share your views about how you would describe success at school for your child. 

If you would like to read more about this I have shared some thoughts in my latest blog post. How do we as a community describe a successful schooling experience?