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What do the students have to say about how they are finding their classrooms?

Mike —

Recently we asked our families what they valued the most for their child at Primary School. This week we asked some of our students about their classroom experience.

In the first week of Term 4, we are going to hold an open day/expo for families to see first hand what happens during a typical day at Leamington to help parents make informed choices for their children for 2019 regarding co-teaching spaces and our 1:1 device classes in Years 3-6.  

In the build-up to this, we are providing families with a range of information to help provide a clearer picture of the experience of our children to help balance any misconceptions, misgivings, false assumptions and rumours about what schooling in the 21st century is really like for your child.

The following link takes you to an anonymous survey we are doing at school where we ask children to share how they are finding school.  It asks them about their relationship with their teachers, friends, what their classroom is like and how having a device helps them with their learning.  

This is also a really controversial and interesting link to a Ted talk given by the creator of Mind-lab - a Tertiary Provider in NZ that is causing many of our traditional Universities to sit up and take notice due to ever-increasing numbers.