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Options for single cell and co-teaching classes coming in 2019

Mike —

Early in Term 4 we will be inviting parents to indicate a preference for the type of class they would like each of their children to be involved in for 2019

Leamington is known as being a progressive school - a place where we are always exploring ways to improve what we do in small ways every day. Over the last few years we have piloted the educational benefits of co-teaching spaces to add extra value to our children. We have been really pleased with the benefits that have emerged from this which is reflected in not only our achievement results but also moderated nationwide engagement scores and feedback from the Education Review Office.

We are acutely aware that for some parents and children they would like to have the opportunity to have options for the type of classroom each child is part of - both single cell and co-teaching spaces, and in Year 5 and 6 - the use of Digital devices.

One of the benefits of being a large school is we should be able to exploit providing a range of options and opportunities for our students, and we are moving towards providing these options in 2019.

We will provide details later in the term about how this will unfold as creating a range of options creates a myriad of complexities. At this stage, we envisage giving parents in term 4 three options for each of their children -

  • Preference for Co-teaching class,
  • Preference for Single Cell class; and
  • No strong preference either way.

In Year 5/6 we also envisage making our 1:1 digital classes optional again to give parents and children more options about preferred ways of learning.

As the term progresses, we will give parents more information about the pros and cons the Leamington Team have discovered about both Co-teaching classes and Single Cell classes to help parents make an informed decision for each of their children. i.e. Parents may choose a different option for each child based on learning needs, learning preferences and the feedback each child is giving their parent.

As part of this process, we will be encouraging parents to listen to the voice of their child about their school experience. 

More information will be made available through the term, but at this stage, we wanted to plant a seed with our community to allow people to start considering preferences for 2019.