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Linc-Ed - Coming soon!

Leamington School —

In term four we are launching a new reporting system called LINC-ED. This system allows teachers to share a child’s learning and progress anytime, anywhere and this can be viewed on any device that has internet access.

Our aim has been to implement a system that allows teachers, parents, and students to access records of their learning in an online environment that is secure, easy, and effective. 

During this term, we asked a small group of parents to trial this site and provide useful feedback. The feedback has allowed us to work through some of the initial teething issues so we are better prepared for a full rollout in term 4. 

LINC-ED will replace our current written reports. However, the site does have the ability to print reports if you wish to download these from the site. During key points of each term, teachers will be posting rich content to our LINC-ED site which we will be excited to share with you and involve you in your child’s learning journey. These will be available to view at the end of each term, just like a report. 

 We are excited about the potential that the software offers. The report is designed to build year on year so that over time you will have access to comments, assessments, images, video, and helpful resources all in one place. This will replace the Leamington Learner books in time. 

In the build-up to the release, you will be receiving information specific to being able to access the site, initial setup and an explanation of exactly what you will be seeing for the first time when you log in. We also plan to have specific one to one meetings that will allow you to talk with your teachers about what you see on your child’s profile as part of parent-teacher meetings next term. 

Over the next week or two, you will receive other information about Linc-Ed so keep checking the newsletter as well as your emails. Initial login information will be sent via your email registered with us. If you are not receiving emails from the school or have changed your email address recently, please check we have the correct one. 

We are very excited about the potential for this site to enable you to see your child’s progress throughout the year.