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What do you value as a parent for your child?

Mike —

We are composing a survey to get direction from our community about the things you value the most to shape our next 3-4 years.

As mentioned in a previous newsletter, the recent ERO review highlighted a wondering of a disconnect of values between the ERO review criteria and the things we value as a teaching team and community.  

The ERO criteria were solely focused on the learners of our school.  

However, we wonder if parents send their learners to school or their children!?  This might seem like semantics, but we have to make decisions all the time about how to allocate resources (time, energy, money, personnel etc) and these decisions are greatly influenced by what is valued for our children by our community.  

It is my sense that the children who come to our school are more than just learners.  They are friends, they are sports people, they have emotions which they are learning to manage, they worry about things, they are developing resilience, they value singing, painting and creativity, they want to be outside involved in sporting and EOTC events etc.  They want to laugh, they want to wonder, they want to feel proud.  Most importantly they want to feel emotionally happy and at peace in their own skin and valued by those around them.  This is not to say that academic learning is not important, rather it is one piece of a much larger puzzle.

We are working on putting together a short survey for our community to give us some direction moving forward which will be distributed in the next little while to help us understand how much the things mentioned above, along with other things, are valued by our community. 

We do feel we are entering "a next" phase as a school as we take many of the things we have been working on and put these together cohesively to reflect the values and aspirations of our children, community and teaching team to take us into the next 3-4 years.  

Knowing what is valued most by the stakeholders of our school plays a significant role in helping us determine the direction we should head in, and decide on priorities.  

For now, start considering the things you value the most for your children for their primary school experience to set the direction and priorities of our school.