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Uniform Reminder

School BOT —

Only Leamington School uniform is permitted to be worn at school. The BOT uniform policy is available to all parents/caregivers for clarification on exactly what expectations are regarding school uniform.

Our Board of Trustees would like to remind families that, with winter now here, it is their expectation, (as set down in the BOT Uniform Policy), that students continue to wear only Leamington School uniform items. Children are permitted to wear whatever type of raincoat they have to school, to prevent them from getting wet, but this should be in addition to uniform outerwear; not instead of. The school office sell all the pieces of the uniform including unisex long pants. A long sleeve thermal top can be worn under a short sleeve shirt; as long as it is plain black, navy blue or white. Character tops or stripey thermals are not permitted. Socks, or leggings, should be either plain black, navy blue or white or navy blue tights can be purchased at the school office. Shoes should be at least 90% black.