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Linc Ed roll out next week

Leamington School —

Next week sees the rollout of Linc Ed - our new reporting to families platform

Last term we sent out a parent information pack about our new student management system called Linc-Ed. 

On Wednesday 31 October you will receive another email about Linc-Ed which we are asking parents to open - you do not need to do any more than open this email.

Opening this email will allow us to identify which of the email addresses we currently have on file are active, and which are not.

If you know that you have changed your email address recently, have not received emails from Leamington School lately, or do not think we have your email address, can you please let the office know. 

Next week we are holding our Parent Teacher meetings (in place of Student Led Conferences for this one off rollout) to help parents log into the site and for us to individually talk you through how to use it and get a clear indication of how your child is progressing.  More details about the Parent Teacher Meeting next week can be found in another article in the newsletter. 

One of the security features of Linc-Ed is that access is linked to an email address.  This is why having an active email address is important.  Unfortunately, we cannot set the password for each account - each parent must do this.  This means that if you forget your password we cannot help you!  

After lots of brainstorming, we are strongly recommending to families that you set the password as your mother's maiden name and day and month of your birth. i.e. If your mothers maiden name was Brooke, and your date of birth is 25 December, your password would be Brooke2512.  This allows you to share your password easily with family members who you may wish to share information with, and also means that when you come into school and we can take you through your child's progress you are not sharing a password that might be used somewhere else!  

There are bound to be a few glitches, as with any roll out, but we will do our utmost to work through these with each family to get you enjoying the platform as promptly as possible.