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Classes for 2019

Leamington School —

Last Friday we released the class organisation for 2019 via Linc-Ed. Children will meet with their new teacher and classmates on Thursday after Gypsy Day on Wednesday.

Last Friday we released the class organisation for 2019 through Linc-Ed.  Parents are able to log in to Linc-Ed using the same process they used earlier in the term to view their child's achievement and report for the year.  By clicking on the "Groups" tab you will see where your child is placed. (If you have not logged in yet - please see the office.  Every parent has an account already created associated with the email address you supplied to the school).

Teachers spent many, many hours talking through the possibilities of class organisation and where to place children based on their social, emotional and learning needs.  We were able to meet the requests of almost all those who indicated their preferences earlier in the term; and had one on one conversations with parents to gain further direction if we came to an impasse.

Putting classes together is like designing an eco-system where we consider the mix of children carefully before settling on a final placement.  If we have inaccurately placed your child based on information you have submitted then we will try our best to make a change where possible.   However, this is not always possible as moving one child can have a ripple effect on the eco-system of both the class they are being moved from and the one they are being moved to.  It will be extremely unlikely for any changes to be made if no earlier preferences were indicated as this will likely have a ripple effect for multiple families. 

Wednesday this week is "Gypsy Day" - the day where teachers move all their teaching resources to the room they will be based in for 2019.  (Any parents who are available to help on this day would be greatly appreciated).  On Thursday the children will spend some time with their new teacher and classmates in their new class to build further excitement about what 2019 might bring. 

Families should have, or will soon receive an introductory email from their class teacher(s) which also includes some key information about contact information and dates to call in before school starts to see the class environment starting to take shape.  

Thank you all for your patience and belief in us as we worked through the process of making both Single Teacher and Co-Teacher options available for children throughout the school.  We were hoping that a clear picture would emerge that would allow us to meet everyone's individual preferences, which we have been able to do, based on the information parents submitted.