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Family zone filtering
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Internet Safety Filtering for your Family

Leamington School —

We are partnering with Family Zone to increase the level of internet filtering we provide at school and extend this to families within our school.

In 2019 we are partnering with Family Zone to increase the amount of internet filtering we provide at school.  The Family Zone package allows us to easily block and unblock websites and apps the children can assess while the children are at school.  

One of the benefits of Family Zone is we are able to extend our subscription to families at a cost of $45 (normally $100) per family within our community to allow parents to protect all members of their household and control their internet and device usage from an app on the parent's phone! Parents are able to use their phones to determine individual parameters for each child as to when the children can use their device, set a bed time and wakeup time, what apps they use, and see how much time they are spending on their devices including when they are away from home or using mobile data.  

We are going to be holding a parent information/setup workshop for families on Monday 11 March at 2pm and 6:30pm.  This will tell families everything they need to know to get started and protect their children in our digital age.  While we are providing this service for families of our school, we are also happy to offer the same service to families who are not members of our school to help provide a internet safe Cambridge. 

This might be the answer families have been looking for to provide a level of safety for their children.

More information will follow, but for now pencil in 11 March.  Or follow this link to find out more