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The End of Term 3, and Looking into Term 4

Leamington School - Creating Futures Together —

Term 3 is quickly drawing to a close and we start to turn our attention towards Term 4 and navigate the surprises that may bring!

Term 3 is quickly drawing to a close, but there is still a lot to do!  I want to take a moment to thank you all for being so patient and accommodating as we have tried our best to navigate this COVID world.  I know we have not always got it right, but I can assure you that at all times we have strived to put our personal views to the side and focused on providing the best place possible for our children.  Monday holds the potential of another change as we await the announcement over a change to our COVID levels.  Hopefully, we have done enough to move Level 1 to allow our Matamata Sports exchange to go ahead as well as our end of term assembly to celebrate the successes of our children from the term. 

Teachers are currently entering information into Hero to update whaanau on the progress of each child.  This information will all be made live at the end of the term. 

As we look into Term 4, there is a lot to happen.  A significant piece of work internally is planning the organisation of the school for 2021 (which already has several sketches in place.) A challenge we have faced every year it seems is the growth of the Leamington community and our school.  This means the template we used to put the school together last year no longer fits this year!   The result is that it takes a considerable amount of time to work through as we consider social, academic, and developmental needs across the school, and balance these with the resources we are allowed to use by the Ministry of Education.  We will again seek input from each whaanau about preferences for each child early in the term regarding preferences of children being in classes where each child uses their own device, as well as co-teaching or single teaching spaces.  Watch for this early in Term 4. 

From a sports angle, Summer Sports kick into action. Registrations are open now as competitions start early in the term. 

We focus on athletics for the first half of the Term before firing the pool up to consider starting our swimming season.  We do rely on the air temperature a great deal for swimming despite the pool being heated.  

Our Year 6 children turn their gaze in Term 4 towards moving to another school.  This comes with excitement for most, but also some anxiety.  

In term four, several camps take place, as well as hopefully some class trips for the first time this year!  

These and many more things are all to come.  So... still a lot of great memories to be made.  See you there!