Parent Teacher Conversations next week

Leamington School —

Next Tuesday 6 November and Thursday 8 November are our Parent Teacher Linc-Ed meetings

Next Tuesday 6 November and Thursday 8 November are our Parent Teacher Linc-Ed meetings.  These are replacing our Student-led conferences in Term 4 for this one off roll out to allow our parents to learn how to get the most out of this great tool.  

The portal to make a time will be open from Wednesday 31 October on our school website for parents to be able to make a time. 

For these briefings,  each session will last 20 minutes.  The first 10 minutes will be held in the staff room where we will help parents work through ensuring they can log in to a device - either a device they have brought with them or a device at home.  After this 10 minutes, parents will then move to the child's class to spend 10 minutes with the teacher to go through in depth what you will see on Linc-Ed and how to access the various pages for your child/children.  

Teachers will use the email address and the password that you have set to log into their teacher computer to take you through your child's report.  This ensures that we can show you the full benefits of what this tool offers without having to navigate a new device every 10 minutes!

After lots of brainstorming, we are strongly recommending to families that you set the password as your mother's maiden name and day and month of your birth. i.e. If your mothers maiden name was Brooke, and your date of birth is 25 December, your password would be Brooke2512. This allows you to share your password easily with family members.  It also means that when you come into school and we take you through your child's progress, you are not sharing a password that might be used somewhere else!  It also means that if you forget your password we can remind you what it is with information only you will know!

There are bound to be a few glitches, as with any roll out, but we will do our utmost to work through these with each family to get you enjoying the platform as promptly as possible. 

We will have a creche available for families to use, which will be in the office area.