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School Donations and Contributions

Leamington School —

In order for our children to enjoy many of the extras we see around the school, we rely on donations and contributions from our community.

With the start of the school year comes many expenses; uniform, stationery, new lunch boxes, hats and, of course, the school donation and contributions.  Schools in New Zealand are funded in two ways; one is based on the number of students a school has, the other is their "decile" rating that is determined during the 5 yearly census.  Comparatively, a decile 1 school receives approximately $800 extra per student, in contrast to a decile 10 school which receives no extra funding per student.  Leamington is a decile 7 school which sees us receive approximately $30 extra per student.  In order to continue providing those extra things our children enjoy we rely on the school donation and consumables being paid.  

On each invoice for children parents will notice these items; 

School Donation - $60 per student. The donation allows us to make many extra things possible.  Maths and literacy booster groups, Being My Best, our sports co-ordinator, cogs and virtues stickers, librarian, kick start packs etc are all little extras that only become possible through having a school donation.  We are one of a very few schools in our area that have a donation under $100.  Through the year we will keep our community informed about how much money is outstanding with our school donation and how this equates to resources for our children.  For those families where siblings are both attending our school, we discount the cost to $110.

Consumables - $10. This pays for the extra things we see in the class that the children use.  Things like good quality and plentiful art supplies, extra pencils and  paper etc are funded through the consumables charge. 

Cambridge Life Skills Contribution - $4. This is a new expense for 2019 and has come about due to increasing and unavoidable costs.  Cambridge Life Skills is a not-for-profit organisation that supports children and families across Cambridge with counselling services.  While High Schools generate their own counsellors, Cambridge is one of the very few places in New Zealand where we are able to provide counselling for primary and middle school children.  This service supports those children who need counselling during a time of need which significantly impacts those around them. 

Life Education Classroom - $5.  The Life Education Classroom visits Leamington School every two years and supports children with strategies for making healthy choices and the development of self-confidence and resilience.  It is a bit like a school show in that the children go and spend time in the mobile classroom, but the children also spend time before and after the visit with classroom activities.