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The 2019 PTA is about to swing into action.

Leamington School —

Our 2019 PTA is about to swing into action and is looking for parents who want to help make a difference to join us.

Our 2019 PTA is having their first formal meeting of the year on Thursday 7 March at 7 pm in the school staffroom.  

The PTA plays a vital role within our school to help support our children in a range of ways.  Sometimes they make a difference by creating opportunities for children that make our school a special place.  Other times they help to raise money to allow us to enjoy many of the things we see around our school.  It has been previous generations of PTAs that make things like our playgrounds, turf, hall heating, new drinking fountains (getting sorted) possible.   Things like discos, Friday lunches, lollie scrambles etc are all because of the work of our PTA.  The money created we are able to convert into considerably more money through Trust Funds and Grant applications.  In fact, in the last 2 years, we have been able to generate another $100k through these means because of the work of the PTA. 

Our PTA is always looking for new members; in-fact we rely on new members each year to make our PTA sustainable as current members move onto new things and new schools.  This group has fun and leaves a footprint in our school across generations.  

We look forward to seeing as many members, new and current at our first meeting on Thursday 7 March at 7 pm.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to make contact with Leesa Mangino at school to find out more.