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Teachers on the move 2019
Photo by Leamington School

Farewell, see you soon, and welcome to members of the Blue Crew for 2019.

Mike —

Farewell Paula Hale, Emma Beech, Laura Stutz, Fraser Quinn, Cynthia Doole and Betty Young. See you again soon Dan Fraser and Helen James! Welcome Melissa Martin and Alex Trowbridge.

At Leamington, we firmly believe in growing people so they can pursue other adventures.  We believe great teachers, great support staff, and great leaders are made through the cohesion of values that we hold together and a commitment to always putting children first and trying to be a little bit better every day.  We are proud of the fact that all those who leave Leamington go on to follow their passion in some way.  We try our best to keep people longer than we should, but know that eventually they will be called to make a difference somewhere else, via the doors they have opened through their dedication to our children.  

With mixed emotions we farewell;

Paula Hale - Paula is going to make a difference at a Special Needs School.  Paula has discovered a passion for working with Special Needs children and has decided to take her talents to work with a group of children who are often underserved and misunderstood. 

Emma Beech - Emma has been with us since Term 2 after returning from Antartica.  She is moving back home to Christchurch.  While we say goodbye to Emma for now, there are many of us who don't think we have seen the last of Emma at Leamington! ;-)

Laura Stutz - Laura has been with us for 7 terms since starting in 2017.  Laura is a teacher with a rare talent and is making the move to Cambridge Middle School to work with an age group she particularly enjoys. 

Fraser Quinn - Fraser is taking a year out of teaching to travel NZ and try to complete all the great walks!  His goal is to house sit and live in the campervan he has been building and experience many different parts of NZ before deciding where to settle down permanently.  

Cynthia Doole - Cynthia has been a Learning Assistant at Leamington through the year and is moving to Goodwood School where her daughter attends.  The Doole family have been a wonderful addition to the Leamington family over the years and we wish them all the best in their new house on the other side of the bridge!

Betty Young - Betty has been a wonderful addition to our Learning Assistant team in 2019.  Unfortunately, with several children leaving our school in 2019 we are unable to retain Betty at this stage but are still looking for ways we can keep her. 

Leaving us for a short time before they return;

Dan Fraser - Dan is taking a year to go and teach in Australia and be close to his family while his daughter is a baby.  He has rented out his house in Leamington and plans to return in 2019.

Helen James - Helen is taking an extended summer before returning to teach a new entrant class in Term 2 or 3 of 2019.

We welcome to the Blue Crew;

Mel Martin - Mel joins us from Goodwood to take up a role as our new Associate Principal working with our Year 5/6 children. 

Alex Trowbridge - Alex joins us as a beginning teacher working with our Year 3/4 children.