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Absences in Term 2 due to COVID

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Please continue to let us know via our online form if your child is absent due to COVID. Please continue to keep children home if they are unwell

Thank you so much to all those who diligently completed our online form for absence due to COVID in term one.  It was extremely helpful to keep us aware of who was away due to COVID and to inform other families in the class.

We ask that parents continue to complete the form to inform us of absences due to COVID via the link below. It significantly reduces the amount of Admin time needed to account for all children. 

I have also put the link onto our school website to make this easier to find - leamington.school.nz.

The expectation for attendance not due to illness is changing this term.  In Term 1, MOE instructed us to use discretion for those families who choose to keep children away.  In Term 2, we will be contacting those very few families who have chosen to keep children away to explain the process moving forward.