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Family Zone
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Pilot for Internet Safety at Home

Leamington School —

We are about to Pilot an Internet Safety Solution to add another layer of security at School and need some families to test adding an additional layer of Internet Safety for their child at home.

We have agreed to enter into a pilot with a global company called Family Zone to provide an extra layer of internet filtering at school.  Addionally, the solution comes with an option to provide comprehensive internet filtering at home.  Parents are able to have full control over the content that their children view on their device, bedtimes and wake times, and coming within a few weeks - set a limit to how much internet time their children are allowed.  The filtering solution works no mater which data source the children may draw on - including mobile phone data.

The normal price for parents to access this solution is $90 a year for up to 6 devices  per family (i.e. ipad, phone, xbox, laptop, computer.)  However, if we choose to roll this out the cost for families is $45 per year (12c per day).

We are looking for a few families to test the product at no cost for the next couple of months to give us feedback about how effective it is before making a decision about making it available to the entire community.  The product comes with considerable support for set up and training - including a community techie session where each family can bring in their device and it is set up for them!

To watch a video of how it works - click here.

If you would like to be part of the trial please register your name here.