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Sun Smart Reminders

Sean Bailey —

Lemonwood Grove is a Sun Smart accredited school. With this recognition comes certain responsibilities!

Please see this document for more information on our Sun Protection policy and Sun Smart School status and obligations. 

Compulsory Sun Hats

As part of our Sun Protection policy and our requirements as a Sun Smart School, our learners and staff are required to wear a sun hat during terms 1 and 4 whenever they are outside.


We recommend learners wear sunglasses when outside along with their sunhat. Sunglasses are available to be purchased for $15 through nzuniforms

By wearing sunglasses children are more comfortable in the sun as there is no need to squint. Also they are more alert upon returning to the classroom as wearing sunglasses helps prevent tiredness, dry eyes, headaches and difficulty adjusting to the classroom light and the potential for cataracts, pterygium and skin cancer of the eyelid in adult life is reduced.


We have sunscreen pumps placed in our Learning Landscapes  for our  learners to use before they go outside during breaks. 

We take sun smart education seriously and would really appreciate your support around putting our policy and practices in place to ensure the safety of our staff and your child(ren).