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Communication Update

Sean Bailey —

Communication with our Whānau is of utmost importance to us. A school cannot function successfully unless there are effective ways to communicate with each other.

This week we want to provide you with an update around communication, this will be especially important if you are a new family. 

1. The role of the Whānau Teacher

Whānau Teachers are the direct point of contact for parents/caregivers in regards to their child. Getting to know parents/caregivers helps teachers understand the environment and influences that shape learners points of view and behavior. This leads to improved communication between students and teachers, enhancing trust and mutual respect. 

We strongly recommend that you keep in close contact with your child(ren's) Whānau teacher throughout the year. We realise that life gets busy, however ongoing / regular communication will ensure that strong partnerships are developed and learning pathways are understood by all. 

2. Review: 

As you will be aware, we have a variety of different tools we use to communicate with you. These include facebook, our school app, website, online calendar, LincEd, paper communications and emails! We acknowledge that sometimes it can be hard to remember where you have read school information and reminders especially if it has been sent out on more than one platform. 

This term the Communication Working Group on the Board of Trustees will be providing you with some guidelines around what information you can expect to receive from each portal. 

We are currently reviewing our Communication Guidelines for Whānau. We will be sharing this with you in our next full school eNews.