Hero photograph
Photo by Jen Hodgkinson

Introducing our new teacher - Michael McAllister

Jen Hodgkinson —

Michael will be joining Jana's whānau group in Kahikatea when she goes on maternity leave. We are excited to have him join the LWG team.

Michael grew up in Christchurch and completed a Law Degree at the University of Canterbury. After completing an internship at ACC and embarking on an OE across Europe, he decided to return to New Zealand and study teaching. He completed his Graduate Diploma in Primary teaching in 2018 and has spent time working across schools in Selwyn and Eastern Christchurch as a reliever. 

Since returning from teaching English and sport in China, he’s jumped at the opportunity to be part of the Lemonwood Grove Team. Michael is passionate about bringing his enthusiasm, compassion and creativity to the junior school. 

Outside of school, Michael enjoys tennis, basketball and keeping fit. He’s energised for the journey ahead!