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Photo by Sean Bailey

Safe Travel Update

Sean Bailey —

Over the holidays there have been further improvements made ensuring that our learners travel to and from school safely.

The first has been the addition of a second Kea Crossing on Charlbury Avenue. This will stop the congestion of the Lemonwood Drive Kea Crossing now that our roll has increased. 

In order to operate this crossing we urgently need parents to assist with supervision before and after school. If you can assist please fill in this form or contact Jen on jenh@lemonwoodgrove.school.nz.

The second improvement is a 50m 'Kiss and Go' on Charlbury Ave. This space has capacity for 8 cars at once. It also has markings for 2 buses to park when needed. 

Please note that the exisiting 'Kiss and Go' in the main carpark will no longer be used from Wednesday January 30. Cones will be place around this until the lines are water blasted off. 

Can you please familiarise yourself with the map and guidelines below.

As you know, any changes take time to get used to. We ask that you exercise patience and respect until any teething problems are sorted.

A huge thank you to Steph Hautler and the Selwyn District Council who have been hugely supportive around these changes. Also to Jane Hansford (Board of Trustees Health & Safety Chair) and Nick and Jen who have helped manage this process.