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Have you read our communication around Progressions Based Reporting?

Nick Gunn —

We are heading towards a new method of reporting which was covered in depth in last week's eNews.

Here are the main points covered:

  • the National Standards were dropped by the Ministry in December 2017 and schools are able to choose alternative methods of reporting to parents.
  • Lemonwood Grove will now move to progressions based reporting which focuses on progress across the curriculum levels. This method of reporting is new and is being adopted by many other schools across Canterbury and New Zealand.
  • The work in this space is complex and we have based our decisions on a range of data and sources including parent consultation.
  • Progressions based reporting will be fully implemented by the end of this year and will be phased in throughout the year starting with the English curriculum.
  • Progressions based reporting is an inclusive method of reporting which aligns with our vision and principles of learning as well as our strategic goals.

Please follow this link to the full article.