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A Plan for Keeping Our Spirits Up

Nick Colville —

Year 10s plan some interesting ways to keep themselves occupied in their bubble.

At the beginning of the lockdown, I got my Year 10 English class to have a go at creating a Well-being planner. The idea was to create four weeks' worth of a single activity each day, or a form of time-out, to help lift their spirits and health. It was remarkable how thoughtful and creative students were with some of the planners. 

Johnny Stokes tried his best to keep the schedule but admitted he found it difficult, approaching his planner with a somewhat undue sense of irony: "Doing stuff on purpose with a written schedule can suck; everything that's timed often sucks; with rare exceptions like horse racing and Himalayan throat bass; often I was left dumbfounded and quite stitched on what to do." Milly Mussett found it more useful: "It's been pretty easy to use the well-being planner over the last month. It has been good to be able to look at the planner when you don't have anything to do and you would like some ideas. I enjoyed creating this task. I thought that it was a good thing to do because it would be useful over isolation."

Here are some of the ākonga's efforts in planning their well-being, just in case you're lacking in some ideas for your own. 

Milly Mussett's Wellbeing Planner
Blair Williams' Well-being Planner
Tiu Takai's Well-being Planner
Johnny Stokes' Well-being Planner