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Boadicea Lynch

Level 1 Visual Art Folio Successes

Emily Whiteman —

Celebrating the hard work the Year 11 visual artists have completed in their major external examination.

Congratulations to all the Year 11 students who completed their External Art Folios this year. This is a major achievement and a considerable body of work.  

The Folio is worth 12 Credits towards their NCEA Level 1 qualification and incorporates elements of two other internal standards. 

For the year learners explored the theme of, "The world around me". They could choose how they responded to this theme,  be it cultural, environmental, digital (social media), or political. Through this, learners generate, develop and clarify their own ideas and art-making. 

Folios are not only an opportunity to create their own art-making in response to a theme, but also to learn time-management skills, risk-taking, and project management.   

As always Miss Whiteman and Ms Lange are super proud of our 2019 Year 11 learners.