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Karaka House Dean's Report

Robbie Timo —

Guidelines to keep your child's learning on track.

Talofa lava and welcome to Term 2 from my lockdown bubble. I have been busy reading, walking, gardening, garage tidying and all-round maintenance where possible. Of course, having no rugby or sport has been a big interruption to life but we have completed 3 jigsaw puzzles and dusted off the Nintendo Wii!

Online learning is taking place and the reopening of the school to our Year 7s - 10s begins Wednesday 29th April. Ensure that your child knows what is expected of them if you meet the criteria to send them to school. This can be found online or ringing the school directly.

Please ensure that your child has been able to access their school Gmail account. Teachers have been communicating their expectations and providing guidance to online learning. Also, ensure that your child is safe online by being vigilant and checking they are on task. It is so easy to be distracted on the world wide web as everything is just a click away.

I have also shared a document to all Senior students in Karaka house if they are wanting to discuss their learning in particular NCEA and learning pathways. This is by appointment for a face to face online meet. All Juniors please communicate daily or weekly with your Ako teacher. Let them know of any concerns with online learning, troubleshooting with devices, or general questions.

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Robbie Timo

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